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As a Year 6 I love playing outside and that is good about After School Club, there is a wide variety of equipment to use. This includes scooters, Go-carts, skipping ropes, footballs, basket balls and skip hoops.

George, Year 6
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Our aim is to ensure the childen have fun after the school day in a safe environment. We have a wide variety of activities so we can adapt to different children’s interests as well as the weather.


We have full access to the Woodcote Primary School playground and make use of this all year round. We have our own equipment including scooters, stilts, skipping ropes and balls. And during winter the children will run around with torches.

Building and Role Play

We have a large collection of indoor toys include Lego, PlayMobil, Barbie and cars.


We offer the opportunity for children to get involved in crafts, often related to our current theme. Crafts include colouring, paper creations, knitting, weaving and using sewing machines.


Towards the end of the sessions, after the children have eaten and been outside, we will allow them to watch a video or use one of the After School Club Ipads. Our videos include traditional cartoons including Loony Tunes and Wacky Races. Our Ipads have been set up with a few curated games and no internet access.

We do exciting things like Easter egg hunts, going to the wildlife area, petting chicks, planting plants and playing football outdoors

Alice, Year 4
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